Giving back the values of rugby


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The views in this rural part of Nepal is breath taking; the traditional Nepali houses lying on the edges of the mountains – almost like the hill houses you see in Beverly Hill (but with a lower budget) and the huge paddy fields built on top of one another looking like a gigantic staircase.

As expected, the locals are extremely sincere and of a friendly manner, making you feel welcome like you are one of their own. One of the local schools there – Teen Simana English Boarding School – were really looking forward to their “surprise PT” lesson. This is where they first encountered rugby – a very new sport to them.

When the children saw the famous weird looking ball, they were stunned and almost creeped out by the shape of the ball. The ball soon got its own nick name ‘Unda’ (English translation – ‘egg’) ball. All the students were eager and excited to learn this new sport – rugby. They learnt basic rules of rugby: passing the ball backwards, running with the ball and putting the ball down to score points.

It was amazing to see the curiosity of the children trying to figure out the ball, how it bounced around with no rhythm and often missed catching the ball off the ground – they found this hilariously funny.


The kids were pleased they got to go out of the classroom and have a run about but more pleased because they got an afternoon snack and helpful stationary to help with their learning for when they are back in the classroom.

With your donations, and our team proactively raising funds to sustain our cause, we have been able to do a little amount so far. We hope to see this grow!


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Rugby is a slowly growing sport in Nepal. There are already four clubs in Kathmandu at their early stages and are already making an impact on numerous youths, teaching them the core values of rugby.

Only a handful of people actually know about rugby and we are working with Nepal Rugby Association to help us help rugby grow in Nepal and make an impact as far and wide as possible.

We recently received donations inlcuding rugby balls and tackling pads from Sevenoaks School in Kent and we also held some fund raising activities. We were then able to deliver these donations to four rugby clubs: Himalayan Tigers Rugby Club, Gorkhali Rugby Club, Nepal Women’s Rugby Club and Nepal Army Rugby Club. We are hoping to sustain this model and in the future deliver more than just rugby equipment and more than just rugby. The impact of rugby is far more than just what the sport demands.


We were pleased to receive positive and thankful feedback from the four clubs and we are eager to see what the future holds for rugby in Nepal. We are aiming to take this responsibility together and work in partnership to pusrsue the development of this great sport, the youth involved within the sport and Nepal make an impact within Asia’s rugby scene.

Gorkhali Rugby Club Kathmandu: “Both of our goal is similar to grow Rugby in Nepal. Thank you Cause of Rugby for balls and pad donation to Nepal Rugby family”

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