Fundraising effort by our team

October 2019: Deusi-Bhailo – (Cultural event)


We raised £402.21!

May 2019: Gurkha Cup – Cake sale

We raised £134.50! at the cake sale


November 2018: Deusire – Tihar celebrations

Tihar is a celebration that brings together families, so its only right that the Cause of Rugby family come together and celebrate this festive period.
Part of this tradition is going around your neighbours houses and singing songs to get blessings and receive gifts (in the form of money and sweets). This year, Cause of Rugby representitives went to a few homes to generate funds for our cause.
The night was a success and although we hadn’t rehearsed, it wasn’t an issue as the occasion brought out our best voices. We raised £210 in total from three homes, not bad for an impromptu decision to do this.
We hope to raise more money and increase our funds going forward so that Cause of Rugby can really make a difference!!
See how we got on with our festivities through snippets shared on our Instagram page.


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